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The mag charger flashlight combines long famous mag-lite beauty, reliability and beam-adjustability.Owner can use the flashlight just as it comes out of the package or personalize it with a list of function sets.This system comes with a charging cradle, 120 volt power adapter, nimh rechargeable battery pack and 2 mounting brackets.Additional features of the flashlight include a spare lamp safely secured inside the tail cap, cam action focus, spot-to-flood, and tempered glass lens.A scientifically designed metallic reflector gives the flashlight the ability to withstand extreme temperatures.The charger operates on a/c or d/c current.

Type: Flashlight Combo
Output: 240 Lumens
Bulb Type: Halogen
Body Diameter: 1.56"
Oal: 12.59"
Weight: 32 oz
Battery: NiMH
Color: Black
Head Diameter: 2.31"
Rechargeable: Yes


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Specials Temp
Manufacturer Maglite
Color Black
Battery NiMH

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