What was once the single most sought-after addition or gunsmith centric modification on any firearm, especially those used in precision shooting or competition, has not become a mostly drop-in or “some-fitting-required” installation. This is a huge benefit to all shooters, including gunsmiths and armorers, who, while they might not get the same volume of work they once did for certain applications, have an easier go at improving trigger and action work through the proliferation of aftermarket kits for trigger pull enhancement. From Remington to your “Sporterized” Mauser; from Winchester to the latest Ruger or military rifle innovation, we are looking to stock triggers, springs and trigger kits to improve your satisfaction on precision shots and the follow up shots that can make or break a hunt, a competition or that split second before you have to use your gun to defend your life. When it comes down to it, the “trigger job” has always been immensely popular because it’s the single most tangible, memorable aspect of the shooting experience when the stakes are at the highest.
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