350 Legend Ammo

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  1. Winchester Copper Impact 350 Legend 150 Grain Extreme Point (Box)
  2. Barnes Vor-Tx 350 Legend 170 Grain TSX Flat Base (Box)
  3. Winchester Defender 350 Legend 160 Grain Bonded Protected HP (Box)
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Winchester keeps innovating and providing valuable new products to the American shooting community. The 350 Legend caliber is an advanced cartridge, providing exceptional energy levels while still having noticeably low recoil. With muzzle velocity reaching up to 2,350 FPS, this is the fastest straight-walled cartridge, full stop. Ideal for hunters or sport shooters, this high-speed low-recoil round is not difficult to master. Winchester has delivered another Legendary cartridge to the market, and their quality assembly process and refined components will ensure this round remains consistent, accurate, and deadly.