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  1. Timney Triggers Competition with Small Pin AR-15 Single-Stage Curved 3.00 lbs Trigger
  2. Timney Triggers Targa Short Trigger, Timney 662s Ar Targa 2 Stage Short 1st 2+2lb
  3. Timney Triggers Competition with Small Pin AR-15 Single-Stage Skeletonized Curved 3.00 lbs Trigger
  4. Timney Triggers Replacement Trigger, Timney 611 Wthby Vanguard 1500 W/safety 3lb Bk
  5. Rise Armament Ra-535, Rise Ra-535-apt Advanced Performance Trigger
  6. Timney Triggers Calvin Elite, Timney 660ce Ar C.elite Adj Shoe 1.5lb Red
  7. Wilson Combat Tactical Trigger Unit, Wils Trttum2 Tac Trigger 2s Match
  8. Timney Triggers Competition Trigger, Timney 670 Ar10 Solid 4lb
  9. Wilson Combat Tactical Trigger Unit, Wils Trttu Tac Trigger Sng Stage
  10. Timney Triggers Featherweight, Timney 691s Scar17 3.5lb
  11. Wilson Combat Tactical Trigger Unit 2S Howe
  12. Timney Triggers Targa Long Trigger, Timney 663s Ar Targa 2 Stage Long 1st 2+2lb
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The trigger group and individual, competition or tactical style triggers offer the shooter with the greatest connection to the firearm in the shooting cycle. The trigger component and the trigger group offer the most connectivity to the shooting experience of all the firearm components on the AR-15 platform. The modern marketplace for the AR-15 trigger and trigger group parts is very large. It is full of all types of trigger options and weights, as well as specific designs to contribute to accuracy and ease of use. A lighter, easier to manipulate trigger can make a huge difference for the shooter in a competition or tactical setting where a single shot can make all the difference. Ammunition Depot has a large selection of competition style triggers and lightweight trigger group components including the trigger and hammer springs, custom geometry sears, hammers, disconnectors, and triggers. For those who want a faster reset, or a more specific, consistent trigger pull, there are component parts and drop in configurations that can achieve this, for faster follow up shots or for general hunting or sporting purposes.