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Byrna has created a compact non-lethal self-defense weapon that you can carry confidently, knowing it is a powerful tool with approximately 60 feet of range and two 5-round magazines. The Byrna Home Defense, or HD, is a compressed air (CO2) powered launcher that utilizes .68 caliber ammunition that can be had in a variety of permutations from solid Kinetic projectiles to a pepper and tear gas blend: OC, CS all in one shot. The ammunition included varies depending on which kit you purchase. 

Each Byrna HD features an ambidextrous safety, built-in iron sights, magazine ejection button, and a loaded chamber indicator that doubles as a way to clear your chamber without firing the weapon. A picatinny rail, or accessory rail, allows the addition of helpful devices like lights and lasers. All Byrna HD products come with two magazines, one with orange marking on the base and one without, so you can quickly identify a specific magazine if you choose to load them a certain way. 

All Byrna HD kits include:

  • Byrna HD non-lethal personal security device
  • Zippered, padded case for safekeeping
  • Two 5-round magazines with capacity indicator
  • Two Byrna 8-gram CO2 cartridge
  • Kinetic and Inert Powder projectiles
  • One #Byrnanation medallion

The Byrna HD can send its projectiles out with staggering power, and an impact on an attacker alone will act as a deterrent. These Byna self-defense launchers are considerably more powerful than commonly used "paintball" guns, and should not be used with those types of components or paintball ammo. A single Byrna CO2 cartridge can comfortably fire two full magazines, or ten shots, but Byrna recommends swapping to a new compressed air canister after 10 shots to guarantee that staggering impact power. The compressed air canister is sealed until you pull the trigger, so your Byrna can remain ready potentially indefinitely as no gas will leak or escape unless it has been fired. 

This Byrna HD is equipped with the "Pepper" Kit, which includes Inert powder projectiles, Kinetic projectiles, and Pepper projectiles. The Byrna Pepper projectile uses the chemical power of "OC", or oleoresin capsicum, which is derived from naturally blazing hot chilis. When an attacker is struck with a pepper projectile it will burst open, dispersing its spicy contents into the air creating a cloud of the chemical irritant. 

The Byrna HD Pepper Kit includes the zippered case, HD Launcher, magazines, air canisters, medallion and:

  • A 5-Round Tube of Byrna HD Pepper (formerly Jingleballs) Projectiles
  • A 5-Round Tube of Byrna HD Kinetic Projectiles
  • A 5-Round Tube of Byrna HD Inert Projectiles

The Byrna HD Pepper Kit is not sold in NY or CA

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