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Founded in 1991 by George Kellgren, KelTec firearms are known for their innovation, commitment to quality, and ability to push the boundaries of firearm technology.

Known for their unconventional designs and incorporating advanced materials, KelTec quickly gained attention in the firearms industry by introducing lightweight, compact firearms that offered high-capacity magazines and exceptional functionality.

One of KelTec's early successes was the P-11 pistol, introduced in 1995. The P-11 was a compact, semi-automatic pistol chambered in 9mm. It featured a polymer frame and a double-action-only trigger, making it a lightweight and affordable option for concealed carry.

Over the years, KelTec continued to innovate and expand its product line offering new, lightweight, semi-automatic pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

Their firearms often fill niche markets and cater to specific applications, such as concealed carry, home defense, and recreational shooting.

Today, KelTec continues introducing new models and expanding its product offerings, focusing on compactness, lightweight construction, and cutting-edge features.

Popular KELTEC Firearms

KelTec SUB-2000
The KelTec SUB-2000 is a folding carbine available in various calibers, such as 9mm and .40 S&W. It is known for its compact size, folding capability, and ability to accept popular pistol magazines.

KelTec PMR-30
The KelTec PMR-30 is a lightweight semi-automatic pistol chambered in .22 WMR. It stands out for its high-capacity magazine, futuristic design, and lightweight construction.

KelTec KSG
The KelTec KSG is a bullpup-style shotgun with dual magazine tubes, allowing for a high capacity of shotgun shells. It is compact, easy to handle, and popular for home defense and recreational shooting.

KelTec PF-9
The KelTec PF-9 is a slim and lightweight 9mm semi-automatic pistol, favored by those seeking a concealed carry firearm. It offers a blend of compactness, reliability, and affordability.

KelTec P-11
The KelTec P-11 is a compact, double-action-only semi-automatic pistol chambered in 9mm. It is valued for its small size, lightweight construction, and affordability.

KelTec RDB (Rifle Downward-ejecting Bullpup)
The KelTec RDB is a bullpup-style rifle that features downward ejection of spent casings, resulting in ambidextrous use and reduced recoil. It is chambered in various calibers, including 5.56mm.

KelTec CP33
The KelTec CP33 is a semi-automatic pistol chambered in .22 LR. It is distinguished by its high-capacity magazine, holding up to 33 rounds, and its ergonomic design.

KelTec SU-16
The KelTec SU-16 is a lightweight, folding rifle available in various configurations and calibers, such as 5.56mm and .223 Remington. It is known for its portability and adaptability.

KelTec CMR-30
The KelTec CMR-30 is a lightweight semi-automatic rifle chambered in .22 WMR. It offers a high-capacity magazine, compact size, and ease of handling.

KelTec P-17
The KelTec P-17 is a compact semi-automatic pistol chambered in .22 LR. It features a 16-round magazine capacity, a lightweight construction, and an affordable price point.

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