Panther Ammunition

Panther Ammunition

About Panther Ammunition

Founded by a team of dedicated shooting enthusiasts, Panther Ammunition is passionate about providing the highest-quality and most reliable ammunition for shooters in the firearms community.

At Panther Ammunition, products are meticulously crafted using state-of-the-art technology and premium components, adhering to the highest industry standards for safety and quality.

With countless hours invested in research, development, and testing, each round in Panther’s complete lineup of top-tier rifle and handgun ammo is manufactured to exacting standards - Ensuring consistent performance and accuracy every time!

Whether you’ve been shooting for years or just starting, Panther Ammunition is the brand you can depend on to deliver the reliability and performance you need.

Panther Pistol Ammunition

Panther Pistol ammo is a high-quality, reliable choice for gun owners that offers consistent performance, accuracy, and terminal ballistics for self-defense and handgun enthusiasts.


  • 9MM 115GR Round Nose FMJ
  • 9MM 124GR Round Nose FMJ
  • 9MM 147GR Round Nose FMJ – Subsonic

Panther Rifle Ammunition

Panther Ammunition Rifle Series is a cutting-edge line of ammunition designed for an elevated shooting experience. Each round delivers impressive velocity, superior accuracy, and devastating stopping power.


  • .223 REM (Coming Soon)
  • M193 5.56x45mm NATO (Coming Soon)