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About Patriot Ordnance Factory (POF-USA) Firearms

Founded in 2002 by aerospace engineer Frank DeSomma, Patriot Ordnance Factory (POF-USA) was created to produce high-quality firearms for both civilian and professional use.

DeSomma also wanted to solve two common problems with gas impingement systems in dusty conditions found with the traditional AR-15: carbon fouling and a short-barreled timing issue.

Through POF-USA's continued commitment to advancing firearm technology, the company has successfully contributed numerous innovations, including:

  • Regulated Short-Stroke Gas Piston System
    Unlike traditional gas impingement systems, POF-USA's gas piston system offers a cleaner, cooler, and more dependable operation.

    The system's design, with fewer moving parts and reduced fouling, promotes enhanced reliability and a longer lifespan for the firearm.

  • E2 Extraction Technology
    Unique to POF-USA, the E2 dual-extraction system integrates four small channels into the chamber walls, optimizing the extraction process.

    This innovation promotes a reduction in operational failures and an extension in component lifespan.

  • Roller Cam Pin
    This design modification addresses friction in the firearm's operation.

    By integrating a Roller Cam Pin, friction in the upper receiver is minimized, promoting smoother functionality and extending the overall life of the firearm platform.

Today, POF-USA specializes in designing and manufacturing AR-style rifles, upper receivers, lower receivers, and miscellaneous gun accessories.

Their continued mission revolves around offering optimal firearms to those who value the principles of the Second Amendment and Patriot Ordnance Factory AR rifles are utilized by owners domestically and abroad, serving professional and civilian needs.

Popular POF-USA Firearms

P415 Series
One of POF-USA's flagship models, the P415 is a versatile rifle known for its durability and reliability, thanks in part to its short-stroke gas piston system.

Revolution Series
Despite using a .308-sized bolt carrier, the Revolution series rifles are similar in weight and dimensions to an AR-15. This design has garnered attention due to its compact size combined with the power of a .308 caliber.

Rogue Series
This is a more lightweight and cost-effective .308 rifle, making it accessible for a wider range of shooters without compromising on the features POF-USA is known for.

Renegade Series
Built on the AR-15 platform, the Renegade series is focused on delivering high-end features at a more accessible price point, including their unique Dictator nine-position adjustable gas block.

Edge Series
These rifles incorporate many of POF-USA's patented technologies and innovations, making them stand out in terms of performance and reliability.

Pistol Series (e.g., P19)
POF-USA has also ventured into the world of handguns, offering pistols with their trademark quality and innovative features.

Constable Series
A more budget-friendly option, the Constable series still boasts many of the features that have made POF-USA popular, making it a great entry point for those new to the brand or AR-style rifles.

Built for the powerful .300 Win Mag cartridge, this rifle offers long-range capabilities combined with POF-USA's signature design and reliability.

Additional POF-USA Resources

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