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About Blazer Ammunition

Introduced by CCI (Cascade Cartridges, Inc.) in the late 1980s, Blazer Ammunition was initially developed as a solution to address the rising costs of centerfire ammunition.

Blazer Ammo's primary goal was to offer shooters a high-quality, cost-effective option for target shooting, training, and practice by utilizing non-reloadable aluminum cases instead of brass. This resulted in Blazer Ammo significantly reducing production costs while maintaining consistent performance.

In 1981, CCI introduced their first Blazer aluminum-cased ammunition featuring CCI's renowned primers and bullets, ensuring reliability and accuracy.

The lightweight and non-corrosive properties of the aluminum cases made Blazer Ammunition an appealing choice for shooters who wanted to shoot more without breaking the bank.

In 2015, Vista Outdoor Inc., the parent company of Federal Premium Ammunition and CCI, acquired ATK, bringing Blazer Ammunition further into the Vista Outdoor family of companies.

Over the years, Blazer Ammunition expanded into various calibers and configurations, including handgun ammunition in popular choices like 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP, as well as some rifle calibers.

Today, Blazer Ammunition remains a popular choice for recreational, competitive, and firearm enthusiasts.

Its cost-effectiveness, reliability, and availability in a wide range of calibers and bullet types make it an attractive option for shooters seeking high-quality ammunition that won't break the bank.

Popular Blazer Ammo Calibers

Blazer 9mm Luger
This is one of the most popular calibers in the Blazer Ammunition lineup. The 9mm Luger ammunition is known for its consistent performance, making it suitable for both training and self-defense purposes.

Blazer .40 S&W
Blazer offers .40 S&W ammunition for shooters who prefer this caliber. With its economical aluminum case design, Blazer .40 S&W ammunition allows shooters to practice and train without breaking the bank.

Blazer .45 ACP
The .45 ACP ammunition from Blazer is favored by those who shoot handguns chambered in this iconic caliber. It offers reliable performance and affordable pricing.

Blazer 380 ACP
The .380 ACP ammunition from Blazer is designed for use in popular concealed carry and subcompact handguns. Shooters appreciate its consistent performance and cost-effectiveness.

Blazer 22LR
Blazer offers .22LR rimfire ammunition, a popular choice for plinking, target shooting, and small game hunting. The aluminum case design keeps costs down while maintaining accuracy and reliability.

Blazer 10mm Auto
The 10mm Auto ammunition from Blazer is suitable for shooters who prefer this powerful caliber for hunting and self-defense applications.

Blazer 38 Special
Blazer offers .38 Special ammunition, a classic choice for revolvers and lever-action firearms. Shooters appreciate its affordable pricing and versatility.

Blazer 357 Magnum
The .357 Magnum ammunition from Blazer is popular among revolver enthusiasts who seek a powerful and versatile cartridge.

Blazer 45 Colt
Shooters who enjoy classic revolver cartridges often turn to Blazer's .45 Colt ammunition for its consistent performance and affordability.

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