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US Cartridge CleanBarrel™ 9mm 115 Grain Total Polymer Jacket (TPJ) ammunition is ideal for the range, for competition, or for recreational plinking. These bulk 9mm ammo 1000 rounds come in a bulk pack, so you can shoot longer, without buying overpriced individual boxes from your local range. This US Cartridge ammo is newly produced in reloadable brass casings and fitted with a tightly controlled polymer-coated projectile. The Hi-Tek™ polymer coating keeps your barrel and weapon free of metallic build-up, and functions similarly to how a total metal jacket functions. The polymer coating is much less abrasive in your barrel and against the rifling when compared to metal-coated rounds, which can extend the life of your barrel. 

US Cartridge ammo confirms to SAAMI specifications and hand-checks each round with a case gauge before sending them to shooters across the country. Before the projectile cores are coated, they must be manually checked for hardness by two separate ammo techs who compare readings, who then weigh a random sampling of each batch of cores to judge the consistency of the internal alloy composition. Once the cores are approved, they can then be coated in the Hi-Tek™ polymer, which bonds 100% to the core. This bonding process is tested and verified by hand: two coated cores are chosen from each batch, and rubbed with pure acetone, and then struck with a 3 pound sledgehammer. No chipping, flaking, smudging or imperfection is tolerated. Batches that have passed testing are then resized with special machines that carefully adjust the diameter, and coated with a dry lubricant that helps the projectiles slide neatly into their brass casings. 


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Condition New
Manufacturer US Cartridge
Caliber 9mm
Projectile TPJ
Muzzle Velocity 1,180 fps
Muzzle Energy 356 ft lbs
Caliber 9mm
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